Here’s a sample of what students have to say about the Data Visualization course and Chad Skelton's teaching:
"You'll get to create your own fun, visual and interactive charts from an ugly, boring Excel spreadsheet." 
"Chad cuts out the nonsense and tells you what you need to know. He's very to the point." 
"Chad's lectures are really clear, he gives you enough time to do assignments, and he also provides the BEST handouts." 
"Very engaging and fun, and makes seemingly dry material very interesting." 
"Does a fantastic job of keeping the class really light and casual. It makes it easier to relax and grasp the content easier." 
"You get to interact with cool data viz software like Tableau Public and Datawrapper."
Quotes used with permission from anonymous surveys of students in Data Visualization. Some quotes have been mildly edited and/or condensed for clarity.